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100 % Soybean oil

It´s a vegetable oil obtained from pressed soybeans. Thanks to its strict refining process, oil is obtained crystalline and clear in color. Low in saturated fats and naturally contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 (cholesterol free). It is used mainly in food and can be found in salad dressings and for frying.
100 % Sunflower oil
It’s a vegetable oil extracted from pressed sunflower seeds. Rich in vitamin E and low in trans fat it’s a concentrated source of food energy. It is light yellow, has no taste and is odorless. Without doubt, the most important use is as an edible oil, as it is the most widely used seed oil in the world.
Blend Oil: Soybean/Sunflower

It’s a vegetable oil, obtained from the pressing
of soybean seeds (94%) and sunflower (6%). This addition of corn oil in the sunflower, gives more nutritional properties (color paler, less aromatic and low in acidity). It is highly recommended for salad dressings because it enhances the flavor of food. It is widely used for frying.
Oil 0,500 Lts
Pet Bottle of: 0,500 L
Bottles per case: 24
Cases per 40’: 2230
Cases per 20:’ 1160
Gross weight per carton: 12,00
Oil 0,900 Lts / 1,000 Lts
Pet Bottle of: 0,900L / 1,000 L
Bottles per case: 12 / 12
Cases per 40’: 2660 / 2400
Cases per 20’: 1500 / 1320
Gross weight per carton: 10,60 / 11,75
Oil 3,000 Lts
Pet Bottle of: 3,000 L
Bottles per case: 6
Cases per 40’: 1500
Cases per 20:’ 750
Gross weight per carton: 17,36


Oil 5,000 Lts
Pet Bottle of: 5,000 L
Bottles per case: 4
Cases per 40’: 1350
Cases per 20:’ 810
Gross weight per carton: 19,03

Spaghetti Pasta
Packs of 400, 450 or 500 g
20 Packs per carton
Short Cut Pasta
Packs of 400, 450 or 500 g
20 Packs per carton
Also mix container available
Private or supplier brand

Canned Products
Canned Meat
Corned Beef
Tomato paste
Canned green peas
Canned chickpeas
Canned mix vegetables
Canned Fish
Tuna, chunk and flakes. Sardine.

Maria biscuits
Stuffed cookies
Fruit juice
Flavors: Apple, orange, peach, pear, multifrut
TetraPack 1,5 L – 1 L – 200cc. – 125 cc.
Other Options:
Light juices
Soya juices
We can offer mix containers with different options, sizes, packages, etc.
Candies: Chewy, hand, coffee, filled.
LolliPops: Flat, round (filled and non-filled).
Chewy Gum
In TetraPack 1 L
In Bottles 750 cc.

Variety: Red whine, white wine, rosé.
Plastic terrines of: 250 g or 500 g
Terrines per case: 24×250 & 12×500
Cases per 40’ FCL: 3470
Gross weight per 40’ FCL: 24.000 kg